Kain Roberts
Age: 27
Kain is a hard working man. The more sensible of the two, Kain tries to keep Billy under control He is a video game tester who is going to college part time to become a game developer. In the last 4 years, he never graduated from college. He continues to go to school part time because, as a game tester, he has a foot in on the industry and does not want to give that up. He is rarely seen without a metal band shirt, as he is a metal head. He, also, loves to drink and game. He is very sarcastic.

Billy 'Sonik' Fennigan
Billy's nick name is Sonik. Kain is the one that pegged him with the nickname. He is a 28 year old Irish gamer who is also a metah head. He also loves to drink. Unlike Kain, he is a slacker. He is attending community college for Home Ec because he wants to pick up girls. He has a job working at an electronics store. He has been working there for more than 4 years in hopes of moving up, but never has. Sonik can be a bit of a nut job and very chaotic at times. He has an obsession with Sonic the Hedgehog, which led to his nickname.

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Herbert Woodrow Dickens

Age: 25
Contrary to Billy and Kain, Herbert is not really a gamer. He plays casual games on occasion. He is a huge movie buff with a preference for fantasy and science fiction films. He is a mommas boy and a light social drinker who sticks to drinks that are usually considered girly. He listens to light rock and pop music that drives the other two crazy. He enjoys LARPing and reading comic books.